I Came, I Saw, I ConqueredVeni Vidi Vici - is a MMORPG game inspired by medieval Europe. With its dark and exciting history. Since it connected with blockchain technology, it becomes more interesting! You will be able to live your additional life in a fantasy and mysterious place. In which players can earn $VCOIN through PvP/PvE battles and collect $VVVT tokens through in-game tournament rewards. Own a land, and build on it. Many classes of heroes, each with its own individual characteristics. The ability to choose a profession during the period of leveling your hero. A huge variety of weapons, armor, magic and individual skills.
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ICO Tier 1 Tokens1 200 000 000 VVVT
ICO Start Date08 / 06 / 2022
ICO End Date08 / 07 / 2022
VVVT Price0.025 BUSD
Meet SophiaYou will be able to learn Sophia’s story in our future game. She is a warrior of one of the Kingdoms. Sophia is great example of Hero. As NFT Hero equipped with NFT Items. In game you will find a lot of different NFT that you are able to earn, buy or rent to other players.
Light Armor
800 VVVT
1-h Weapon
1300 VVVT
Light Armor
200 VVVT
Light Armor
500 VVVT
* This is an example of NFT equipment. Moreover, not actual in-game content.
Funds collected during the investment periods will be allocated as follows. Due to aggression of Russian Federation, we will donate Ukraine to support its brave nation.* More information about each state you can check in WhitePaper
Engineering and Development
Business Development
Marketing & Promotion
Legal & Regulation
Operational & Administration
Ukraine Support
ICO Tokens Details
By investing in the ICO, you not only support our project, but also have an excellent opportunity to multiply your investments. Considering rapidly growing crypto sector and unique conception of our project. Our vision is to make something better than one another P2E Game. But bring it to AAA segment, with constantly improves and upgrades.
We decided to separate our ICO to 2 Tiers (phases), to show our investors real time progress from June to October.
For participating the ICO, you have to connect your MetaMask wallet. Once you connected and ICO period continues. You will be able to buy VVVT.
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Tokens acquired on both ICO Tiers (1-2) will be partially unlocked every 3 month automatically. You can find out the token unlock schedule down here:

  • 10% at 01.02.2023
  • 20% at 01.05.2023
  • 30% at 01.08.2023
  • 40% at 01.12.2023
  • RoadmapWhole project develop plan
    Due to complication can be moved, or speeded up
    Q4 2021
    IdeaAngel investors, Information research
    Talents acquisition, Business model development, Blockchain researches
    Q1 2022
    ResearchGame concept research,
    Strategy development,
    Website launch, Release teaser
    Q2 2022
    InvestmentInitial Coin Offering - Tier 1
    Social media channels launch
    Marketing campaign
    Q3 2022
    DevelopmentInitial Coin Offering - Tier 2, Game concept and visual style development, Prototyping game mechanics
    Q1 2023
    Alpha GamePvP gameplay prototype, NFT items and economics development, Staking release, Pancakeswap token listing
    Q2 2023
    Beta GameMVP game prototype, Initial VVVT token unlock, Whitelist VVVT, Smart contract audit, Release first NFT collectibles
    Q3 2023
    ReleaseGame release, NFT marketplace development, PvE battle development, Community growth
    Q1 2024
    Rating FightsAdditional NFT collectibles release, PvE Boss release, Ranking system development & release
    Later in 2024
    TournamentsFree To Play, Lands release, Tournament release
    You can check up our documentation, to have more recent information.
    Last Update: 1.05.2022
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    - 10% at 01.02.2023
    - 20% at 01.05.2023
    - 30% at 01.08.2023
    - 40% at 01.12.2023
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